How do you make homeschool friends near you? It’s probably easier than you think! As homeschooling is the fastest-growing form of alternative education within the United States, new connections and community may be as close as your neighborhood or well within driving distance.
Check out these great ideas from statewide homeschool organizations from across the nation!

Homeschool Friends on Facebook

Try searching for homeschool groups in your area. They may have free or low-cost meetups scheduled. For example, some of our board members manage a Christian homeschool Facebook group in the Kansas City area, which spans Kansas and Missouri. Use with caution, however. Especially since the pandemic, a number of Facebook groups appeared with the word “homeschool” in them to advertise online programs or products. We recommend doing your research and exercising discretion when searching for a group that will be a good fit for your family.
MPE (Midwest Parent Educators) in Kansas, Missouri, and the regional Midwest
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Get Involved at Local Events

– Homeschoolers of Maine
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Try Your Area Library

Check out your local library and surrounding libraries. Some libraries across the state even offer homeschool classes. If your local library doesn’t, still show up! You might just find other homeschool families hanging out at the library during the day. Libraries are also a popular choice for homeschool clubs (like chess) to meet up at—so check the bulletin boards or ask your local librarian what clubs might meet at the library.

– IAHE (Indiana Association of Home Educators)
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Get Social

It might sound obvious … but be friendly! Smile at everyone, start random conversations at the grocery store or the library. Visiting parks or children’s activities during public school hours increases the chance of meeting another homeschool family. When you take the risk to make eye contact with that fellow parent, you might be throwing them a lifeline for friendship they are needing as well! Most kids are natural conversation starters, so give them safe opportunities to make connections. Their park buddy could become a lifelong friend!
– Homeschool Idaho
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Explore Nature & Museums

Go for a hike or visit a nature center. Several counties have nature centers and parks with homeschool ecology classes or meet ups. If you are unsure where to start, ask one of the park naturalists or rangers what programs they offer or what groups they know of that meet up at the local parks. Indiana has some amazing parks to explore.
Explore zoos and museums during the typical school year. Several of the museums across the state offer homeschool days and events. Check your local museums and zoos for hours and programs. You can check out Indiana Historic Sites for homeschool programs. Bonus: IAHE Members get into Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites FREE! For a list of field trip ideas where you might run into other homeschoolers, check out our field trip guide.
– IAHE (Indiana Association of Home Educators)
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Volunteer Together

Serving the community together can make meaningful, long-lasting relationships. Local volunteer opportunities can be found at retirement homes, libraries, farmers markets, community groups that do summer painting and fall clean up for senior citizens, pet shelters, polling locations, and more! If you attend a local church, they will value volunteers of all ages, in all areas of ministry, from picking up pencils to landscape clean up.
– Homeschool Idaho
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Find Homeschool Friends at Church

Did you know many homeschooling families have found some of their closest homeschool friends at church? It’s true! You already have a lot in common, so why not reach out to other homeschooling families at your church and see if they would like to hang out? You could even plan fun activities together, invite other homeschool families, and cultivate an ever-expanding, close-knit homeschooling community within your church.
– CHEC (Christian Home Educators of Colorado)
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Start Your Own Group

I know this may sound kind of daunting, but if you’re looking for homeschool friends, it’s likely other people near you are too. It doesn’t have to be anything big and formal; consistency is the key. Even if it starts with just one or two other families, if you commit to always being at the park on Mondays at 1:00 p.m. or going on a field trip on the third Thursday of the month, other people will find out about it and your group will quickly grow. Here are some resources to get you started.
– CHEA of CA (Christian Home Educators Association of California)
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Enroll in Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

Fun clubs and extracurricular activities can help your child develop new skills and friendships outside the home. There are MANY options in Oregon to choose from. Here are just a few:
  • Homeschool sports leagues: Many cities in Oregon offer youth sports leagues specifically for homeschooled children, such as soccer, basketball, baseball, and swimming.
  • Dance classes (ballroom, English, ballet, etc.)
  • Theatre groups
  • Martial arts
  • Trail Life or American Heritage Girls
  • Homeschool choir / band
  • 4-H Clubs
  • Create a club based on what interests you!
  • Ask in your local or online homeschool groups for specific clubs and activities near you!
“We jumped into a theater company … all five of my children. We were all-in with show after show for years. Now my oldest is married to a young man from that company. And new friendships keep forming and old ones continue.” – Rocio, Oregon homeschool parent
“Join or create a chess club, lego club, board game club, handwork club (knitting, crotcheting, embroidery, weaving, etc.)” – Stepper family

– OCEANetwork (The Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network)
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Inquire about Homeschool Days at Local Businesses

Many family-friendly businesses offer special days for homeschoolers. For example, Firefly Toys and Games in Columbia hosts a Homeschool Day on the first Friday of every month. This can be a fun and educational way for your children to meet peers. By exploring these avenues, you’ll find that making homeschool friends in South Carolina is not only possible but also enriching for you and your children. Happy socializing!
– SCAIHS (South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools)
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Family Field Trip Guide for All 50 States

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