Homeschool Louisiana

What is Homeschool Louisiana?

Homeschool Louisiana is a non-profit Christian ministry representing home school support groups and homeschool families from around the state. Homeschool Louisiana’s goal is to make homeschooling possible for every family.

Homeschool Louisiana’s Purpose is to:

1) Provide timely national and state news that would affect homeschoolers in a discriminatory way. Homeschool Louisiana is the point-of-contact for national home education service organizations.
2) Assist in the formation of new home education support groups and provide a network of communication between the groups.
3) Educate families on how to start the homeschooling process.
4) Support home education research to reinforce to the community that homeschooling is a viable method of education.
5) Provide leadership training for local homeschool support group leaders to strengthen and grow their community.
6) Educate the public about home education and thus improve acceptance in the community.
7) Create, develop, and/or promote educational conferences where families can successfully homeschool.
8) Watch for unfavorable legislation and policies that are discriminatory to homeschool families and graduates.


511 Turquoise Street, New Orleans, LA 70124

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