Top Ten Reasons to Attend Your State’s Homeschool Day at the Capitol

As homeschooling parents who deeply value the freedom to educate our children at home, it’s crucial to recognize and participate in opportunities that safeguard these liberties. Homeschool Day at the Capitol is not just an event; it’s a celebration of our homeschool freedom and a powerful statement of our commitment to our children’s education. Here are the top ten reasons why attending your state’s Capitol Day is of paramount importance:

Direct Impact on Legislation

Your presence provides a unique opportunity to dispel negative stereotypes by allowing legislators to meet homeschooling families in person. This interaction can influence their understanding and decisions on future legislation that may impact homeschoolers.

Build Relationships with Legislators

Before any problematic legislation arises, it’s vital to develop relationships with our legislators. These connections ensure that our voice is heard when it matters most, fostering a proactive approach to homeschool advocacy.

Hands-On Civics Lesson for Students

Capitol Day serves as a practical, engaging civics lesson for children, demonstrating the workings of government and the importance of active participation in our Constitutional Republic.

Accountability to Homeschool Freedom

Attending Homeschool Day at the Capitol sends a clear message to legislators that homeschool families are vigilant about our freedoms and will hold elected officials accountable for protecting our God-given right to educate our children as we see fit.

Encouragement and Engagement

It provides an invaluable source of encouragement for homeschool families, reminding us of the importance of staying engaged in the fight to maintain our educational freedoms.

Sense of Camaraderie

Participating families enjoy a sense of belonging to a larger community, reminding us that we are not alone in our home education endeavors or as we work to protect homeschool freedom.

Visibility and Advocacy

Your presence increases visibility in the Capitol, ensuring that homeschoolers’ voices are heard and considered in the legislative process, thereby advocating for homeschool freedom.

Educational for All Ages

Adults and children alike learn about the government process, the significance of the legislative system, and the intricacies of homeschool regulations.

A Rich Field Trip Experience

The Capitol building itself offers a wealth of educational opportunities, making it an excellent field trip location that combines learning with the practical advocacy of homeschooling freedoms.

Inspiration through Guest Speakers

Capitol Day events often include inspiring guest speakers, providing encouragement and community bonding within the legislative setting.


By attending your state’s Homeschool Day at the Capitol, you play an integral role in protecting the freedoms we cherish, educating your children about the value of civic engagement, and demonstrating the positive impact of homeschooling on families and society. Together, we can ensure that our rights to educate our children at home are preserved and celebrated for generations to come.



Below is a list of Alliance-affiliated homeschool organizations that host a Homeschool Day at the Capitol event in their state. 

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